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EXN120 Jacketing Line for Charging Cable

Product Overviews :

The electric vehicle charging cable is used to connect the charging device of the electric vehicle with the charging infrastructure, so as to transmit power to the electric vehicle. It is also equipped with a certain number of signal cables, control cables, power auxiliary cables, etc., to ensure accurate control and safe operation of the whole charging process.

Harsh use of the environment, the cable manufacturing posed new challenges, advanced equipment is a strong guarantee for your product quality.

Technical Specification :

EX120 extrusion line is suitable for the extrusion of large size insulated cable and sheath. The specially designed extrusion screw is the full guarantee for your high quality cable.

Technical parameters

●   Cable core:5.0mm-25mm
●    Finished cable:7.0mm-30mm
●    Excentricity:≥92%
●    Compounds: PVC、XLPE、HFFR、TPU、TPE
●    120mm extruder out-put:Max 550kg/h(PVC)
●    Line speed:Max 150m/min 

Perfect process recipe management, is the consistency of your products and standardized production management of the powerful guarantee, reduce the dependence on operator to the minimum.