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EXN90/50 Insulation Line for Charging Cable

Product Overviews :

Thanks to the rapid development of new energy vehicles, the construction of charging stations for electric vehicles is of great urgency. The charging pile industry still has a great space for development, and as an indispensable charging pile cable market, it will also have a golden period of development.

SINGCHEER provides EXN90/50 and EXN120 extrusion lines that fully meet the requirements for the extrusion of insulated core, control cable core and sheath for charging pile cables.

Technical Specification :

The production line is suitable for extrusion of TPE, TPU, XLPE and other thermoplastic insulating materials with one color, one color stripe and two color stripe. With dual flyer pay-off for continuous production without line stop, and the dual take-up with automatic spool changing over without line stop and deceleration.

Technical parameters

●    Conductor size:0.5~16.0mm²
●    Finished cable size:1.5mm~14mm
●    Excentricity:≥92%
●    Compound: PVC、PE、XLPE、HFFR
●    90mm extruder out-put:Max 380kg/h(PVC)
●    50mm extruder out-put:Max 130kg/h(PVC)
●    Line speed:Max 1000m/min

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