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RWS 800 E-Beam Rewinding Line

Product Overviews :

E-beam rewinding line is the auxiliary equipment of the beaming line, the XLPE wires are cross-linked by E-bean, the max production speed is 1000m/min.

Technical Specification :

SINGCHEER RWS800 rewinding production line consists of flyer pay-off, semi-automatic dual take-up. The dual take-up machine is integrated with a capstan and a tension dancer, which reduces the floor space and facilitates operation and maintenance.

Technical parameters

●    Cable diameter:0.35~6mm²
●    Flyer pay-off:630~800mm
●    Production speed:Max 1000m/min
●    Take-up machine:630~800mm automatic or semi-automatic dual take-up
●    Control system:SiCAT,data collection,MES