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EXQ65/35 HS XLPE Insulation Line

Product Overviews :

Single core XLPE insulation automotive wire consists of stranded bare/tinned copper and XLPE insulation, which is a kind of automotive base wire.Due to its light weight and thin insulation, it is mainly used in applications requiring small diameter light wire.The XLPE automotive wire is rated from -51°C to + 150°C, ideal for automotive applications where reliability is required for both high temperature and extreme cold. 

XLPE wires are best suited for use in engine nacelles due to their extreme durability.The engine can be started at extremely low temperatures.Then as the engine runs, it may reach very high temperatures.

Technical Specification :

SINGCHEER EXQ65/35 extrusion line adopts co-extruder design. Through the optimized design of the crosshead distributor, the flow uniformity of XLPE was improved, and the special screw for XLPE was used to improve the extrusion stability. The maximum production speed is 1000m/min.

Technical parameters

●    Conductor:Ф0.13~6mm²
●    Finished cable:Ф1~3mm
●    Insulation compound:XLPE, TPU
●    Line speed:Max 1000m/min
●    Flyer pay-off:500~630mm
●    Main extruder:EX65: 200kg/h
●    Auxiliary extruder:EX35:  50kg/h
●    Fixed centering corsshead:S7
●    Cooling system:318 multi-pass cooling trough with capstan
●    Automatic take-up:630~800mm,full automatic/semi-automatic dual take-up
●    Control system:SiCAT,data collection,MES

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