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EXQ65  Jacketing line for Data Cables

Product Overviews :

As computer systems in cars become more complex, therefore the need for Ethernet data cables grows. As car ownership increases, the number of automotive Ethernet ports is expected to be greater than all other Ethernet ports combined by 2022.

Technical Specification :

The production line is designed for automotive coaxial cable and data cable sheath production. Due to the precise control of tension, the attenuation index of the product can meet the requirements of high quality products.The highest production speed is 300m/min.

Technical parameters:

●    Cable core diameter:Ф2.0~7.0mm
●    Finished cable size:Ф3.0~8.0mm
●    Compound:PVC,TPU
●    Line speed:Max 300m/min
●    Motorized pay-off:500~630
●    Main extruder:EX65
●    Fixed centering crosshead:S14
●    Capstan:800 wheel capstan
●    Take-up machine:bobbin take-up
●    Control system:SiCAT,data collection,MES