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EXQ 50/35  HS Insulation Extrusion Line

Product Overviews :
Symmetrical cables are widely used in modern automotive control systems to provide faster data transmission and communication. Ethenet has been widely used for inside of car communication. With the development of driverless vehicles, there will be an increasing demand for data transmission inside and between vehicles.

Technical Specification :

SINGCHEER EXQ50/35 extrusion line is mainly used for extrusion of data cable core wires. With other equipment, it can produce a full range of automotive data cable products.

●    Conductor size:0.055~0.75mm²

●    Finished cable size:Ф0.5~2mm
●    Compound:PE,PP,TPE
●    Motorized pay-off:500~630,1500m/min
●    Main extruder:EX50
●    Auxiliary extruder:EX35
●    Fixed centering crosshead:S7
●    Cooling system:318multi-pass cooling trough
●    Automatic take-up:500~630,automatic take-up,1200m/min
●    Control system:SiCAT,data collection,MES