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EXQ20/65/35 Physical Foaming Insulation Line

Product Overviews :
Overview the development of the automotive industry, the development of unmanned vehicles will usher in the peak. Automatic drive technology of The tesla and Google is introduced rapidly.  The automobile communication cable market will be a huge development space due to the value of industry.

Technical Specification :

Singcheer’s Physical Foaming Insulation Line 20/65/35 is suitable for the production of various kind of the cable about computer, high speed cable and coaxial cable for premium vehicles.

Main Parameters:
    Inner thickness: 0.02-0.05mm
    Foam layer thickness: 0.2-1.0mm
    Outer thickness: 0.05-0.1mm
    Deviation of insulation OD:±0.02%
    Capacitance deviation:±1.5-2pf/m
    Insulation concentricity:≥95%
    Foaming degree:max 65%
    Insulation foam material:PE, PP
    Inner and outer material:LDPE, HDPE
    20mm inner extrusion:5kg/h
    65mm Foam extrusion:60kg/h
    35mm outer extrusion:25kg/h
    Line speed:60-600 m/min

Having fully automatic gas injection unit and advanced control system to achieve the precision control of C/D.
New type extruder is very suitable for HDPE, MDPE, LDPE, PE, PP. 
Independent development of three layers extruders ensures the high requirement of concentricity by the solution of fixed and fine tuning.