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EXQ80+90  Extrusion Line for ABS Cable

Product Overviews :

ABS brake cable in automotive industry is famous for its security. Not only the quality of material but also the extrusion machine plays a key role.

Singcheer provides the tandem extrusion line solution for flexible ABS brake cable and signal cable. High speed and high efficiency machine with continuous production design.

Technical Specification :

ABS brake cable extrusion line extrudes in series with 80 machine and 90 jacketing machine. Tandem extrusion for inner and outer layers. No stop between pay-off and take–up for continuous production.accumulator.

Scope of application: 2x0.35mm²~5x2.5mm² Max: 200m/min The unique crosshead process helps the products to be more smoothly and save the material. 

Typical products speed : 
●    2 x 0.50 mm² ≥ 170 m/min 
●    2 x 0.75 mm² ≥ 150 m/min 
●    2 x 1.50 mm² ≥ 100 m/min 

Main technical parameters:

●    Conductor:2*0.35~5*2.5mm²

●    In-put wire:¢1.5~10 mm

●    Final diameter:¢3~14 mm

●    Line speedMAX 170m/min

●    Insulation compoundTPE, TPUPVCPEXLPE and HFFR etc. Thermal plastic compound

●    80mm extruder out-put300kg/hPVC

●    90mm extruder out-put400kg/hPVC

Perfect management of process recipe is the guarantee for consistency and standardization of production, and minimize the dependence of people.