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EXQ65/35/35 HS Insulation Extrusion Line

Product Overviews :
High speed, high efficiency, flexible and reliable are necessary for automotive wire line. Precision extruding, complete color mark,flexible and variable winding and automatic quality control of the whole process which are extrusion system of Singcheer. Quick color change, high - speed printing and color ring are solution for color indentification. Regarding packaging, SPS-400 for conical spool packing、dual head automatic coiling, coiling with shrinking, coiling with wrapping, coiling with boxing, and automatic windin for spool etc can be chosen.

After the first automotive wire line supplied for Beijing Force in 2002, we have supplied for 70% capacity for China automotive wire manufacturing. We keeps long-term and friendly cooperation with many top suppliers, including Force, Leoni,Delphi and KBE. We provide the full range of turnkey project services for customers

Technical Specification :

The production line is applicable for the extrusion of PVC, PE, XLPE etc. And can meet the extrusion of Automotive wire with German standard and Japanese standard.

   The most economical extrusion system 65/35mm
   The most cost-effective quick color change extrusion system 65/35/35
   Extrusion system for rapid color replacement 65mm*2/35*2

Singcheer developed a very internationally competitive quick color changing extrusion line, and has been praised by customers because of the production pain points of the existing extrusion lines that cause frequent stoppage and color change due to various specifications.

The high speed extrusion line is available for product range:0.22mm2-6.0mm2, line speed can be up to max.1200m/min and max.1500m/min.

Save 120 minutes of  color change downtime per day.
Increase production capacity at 60,000 km per year.
Save 3.5 tons materials per year.
Save the conductor 200 meters each time.
And different packing solution can be chosed.