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Hookup wire extrusion system UPGRADE! Are you ready?


Development status of hookup wire

Hookup wire is an important component of electronic equipment. It is well known as the ‘blood vessel’ and ‘nerve’ of electrical and electronic products. The current situation of the hookup wire industry is changing from an incremental market to a stock market. People's pursuit of product quality is constantly improving. In the future, hookup wires will develop in the direction of "thin, safe, environmentally friendly, and high-speed transmission". More and more Of manufacturers prefer to choose high-speed, high-efficiency, and high-quality hookup wire production equipment.

Technical advantages

SINGCHEER can provide you with a complete set of automated hookup wire production equipment from pay off, extrusion, coiling, shrink film, labeling, palletizing, winding, etc., and can realize non-stop, non-deceleration, automatic spool change, high-speed and high-efficiency continuous production , it helps hookup wire manufacturers improve quality and efficiency, reduce labor intensity, improve the labor environment, and enhance brand competitiveness.

Features of the production line

●   Applicable wire diameter: 24AWG-10AWG
●   Design speed: 1000m/min
●   Suggested production speed: 800m/min (printing)
●   Flyer pay off and automatic SPS spooler: realize the non-stop operation when changing bobbin during pay off and take up process
●   High-speed extruder and fixed crosshead: realize precision extrusion, high-speed production, and prevent quality abnormalities such as eccentricity
●   Efficient drying and multi-pass cooling system: effectively solve the difficulties of the wire cooling and drying at high speed
●   High-speed printing machine: automatic ink viscosity control, automatic detection of the production line speed, control the speed of the word wheel through the PLC+servo system, keep synchronization with the production line, and effectively ensure the printing quality at high speed.

Matched with SPS conical spool take up

The SPS conical spool take up solution will be the main development trend in the future. The advantages are:
●   Friendly to the end customer, the probability of disorderliness and knotting is almost zero when cutting and pay off
●   A variety of spool specifications (currently 4 types), different loading volumes according to different heights
●   The trays can be detached and stacked for recycling, which greatly reduces logistics costs and storage costs, thereby effectively reducing packaging and circulation costs
●   Design speed is 1500m/min, SINGCHEER's SPS equipment can realize automatic identification of four conical spools and arbitrary switching

Matched with coiling and film wrapping

The coiling and wrapping packaging is one of the main wire packaging solutions currently. The advantages are: flexible, which can meet different end customers, and break through the old-fashioned coiling and film wrapping packaging that can’t realize the soft flexible wire, to achieve an integrated solution of high-speed coiling and automatic film wrapping, calculated at 610 meters per roll, it can achieve 1000 m/min in some specifications.

Smart manufacturing

SINGCHEER builds a set of collaborative production system (SiMCS) for cable manufacturing enterprises based on its rich experience in manufacturing automation equipment and a full understanding of the cable production process and technology. We use SiMCS as the carrier to integrate production equipment, central feeding, AGV and three-dimensional warehouses to improve efficiency, reduce costs, open up information blind area, provide customers with complete smart factory solutions, and realize the digital, smart and intelligent . Create maximum value for customers, and strive to become a leader in cable smart factory solutions.

Welcome to send inquires

SINGCHEER provides complete extrusion and packaging solutions, which have been recognized by many customers. Welcome hookup wire manufacturers to send inquiries.

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