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EXJ90/35+65PA Тандемная экструзионная линия для нейлоновой оплетки

обзор продукции:
Nylon jacketing cable is widely in North America. It can be used for aircraft low line, highway monitoring equipment installation, connection of lamps and street light .etc. 

The aging performance tests showed that the life of BVN type is 40 years longer than PVC type. The nylon melting point is 215℃ and it can bear short circuit current. It has the same flame retardant properties as PVC.

Технические параметры:

EXJ90/35+65 line is consist of 90mm extruder and 30mm extruder for the extrusion. Another 65mm extruder will be for the extrusion of nylon shealth. The pay-off is with double barrel without stop and switch automatically.

Main Parameters:
1、    Conductor:10#-18#; 

2、    Diameter over insulation:2.0mm-5.0mm; 
3、    Concentricity:≥92%; 
4、    Compound: PVC/XLPE/PA6;
5、    90mm extruder:Max 400kg/h (PVC); 
6、    35mm extruder:Max 50kg/h (PVC); 
7、    65mm extruder:Max 110kg/h (via bypass  PA6); 
7、    Line speed:Max 1000m/min; 

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