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New energy, New life


New energy vehicle is the inevitable trend of development of automobile industry in the world. The development of electric vehicles is in line with the future direction of technology development. The ...

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HS building wire line with QCC


Although a new year, 2017, has come, declining factory profits was caused by increase in production costs and price competition between terminal markets. Market competition among manufacturers is b...

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Advance into the US market-Tandem Extrusion Line for THHN wire


With the development and progress of city, the traditional PVC wire is difficult to meet the needs of high-end market, especially for large buildings. In such a situation, nylon sheathed insulated ...

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Self-owned brand development


Strength of self-owned brand    Compared with last year’s exhibition in Beijing, there are a lot of Key strategic models, even global strategic models provided by self-owned brand in Au...

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Important opportunity to expand the Americas market---Interwire 2017


About INTERWIRE 2017  Introduced in 1981, Interwire is the largest and longest-running wire and cable marketplace in the Americas. Interwire is an international trade event as well.&nb...

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