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EFAF 400 Automatic coiling winding line


EFAF 400 automatic coiling winding line is designed with the main objectives of maximum production and flexibility, it is a multi-purpose solution and almost suitable for all the wire and cabl...

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SINGCHEER's 120 rubber CV line for is mainly designed for the production of rubber power cords, which can be used for both of insulation and sheath extrusions. Core wire&...

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Singcheer’s Tour in Sanya for His 20th Anniversary


 SIangchER с момента своего создания в августе 1998 года с 20 лет упорной борьбы, включает в себя автомобильные ка...

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Extrusion Line for XLPE Automotive Wire


Throughout 2017, the sales of vehicle in China keeps a growing trend and sales volume has kept top one for 9 years. Until now, there is still room for car ownership per capital in China ...

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A Hot Topic - New energy vehicles


With the attention of the world energy crisis and environmental protection, the middle manufacturing industry and the...

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A new automotive cable line put in operation in Middle East


Singcheer's engineers just finished the commissioning of a high speed extrusion line for one of his customers in Middle East. The production line is designed for the primary PVC or XLPE a...

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SPS - Singcheer Package System for Automotive cable & Electric cable


SPS400 Spooler Based on the harshness requirement for the package of automotive cable, Singcheer’s SPS 400(Singcheer Package System)makes a better solution for knot and disorder, which tradi...

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Value of production and marketing over 100 million!


In the past 11 months, we achieved remarkable result, value of production and marketing over 100 million, with the unremitting efforts of all Singcheer members, which created a new record in the hi...

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Relax yourself, realize your dream


A travel( Xitang, Qiandao Lake and West Lake) organized by Singcheer on  27th -30th October, far away from noisy cities, and Enjoy the quiet while promoting the harmonious friendship between t...

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Perfect ending_The 10th China Wire & Cable Industry Exhibition


Perfect ending The 10th China Wire & Cable Industry Exhibition was successfully concluded in September 1, 2017. Customers at home and abr...

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Invitation- The 10th China Wire & Cable Industry Exhibition


Invitation Singcheer will participate in the 10th China Wire & Cable Industry Exhibition(Wire Show). It's our great honor to invite you to visit our booth W5E23. More information Booth ...

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Test of extruder for HFFR by Singcheer


Characteristics and scope of application of HFFR cable More and more manufacturers choose HFFR material as the insulation sheath of wire and cable with the increasing demand...

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Packaging innovation for building wire-4 coils/min


Technology and knowhow from Italy  EFAF (Engineering Future Automazione Flessibile as EFAF full name), founded in 1989 in the town of Lucca in Tuscany region of central Italy. EFAF succes...

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Important opportunity to expand the Americas market---Interwire 2017


About INTERWIRE 2017  Introduced in 1981, Interwire is the largest and longest-running wire and cable marketplace in the Americas. Interwire is an international trade event as well.&nb...

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Self-owned brand development


Strength of self-owned brand    Compared with last year’s exhibition in Beijing, there are a lot of Key strategic models, even global strategic models provided by self-owned brand in Au...

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Advance into the US market-Tandem Extrusion Line for THHN wire


With the development and progress of city, the traditional PVC wire is difficult to meet the needs of high-end market, especially for large buildings. In such a situation, nylon sheathed insulated ...

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HS building wire line with QCC


Although a new year, 2017, has come, declining factory profits was caused by increase in production costs and price competition between terminal markets. Market competition among manufacturers is b...

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New energy, New life


New energy vehicle is the inevitable trend of development of automobile industry in the world. The development of electric vehicles is in line with the future direction of technology development. The ...

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Innovation and Talent is the key to the development of company


It’s time to carry your good idea and plan into practice. Don’t be afraid to get nothing as long as you have made every effort to achieve it. 2016 is a bumper harvest year. We  exceeded...

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Most Popular Take-up for Automotive Wire


SPS400 was developed in 2013 to meet the stringent requirements for automotive wire packaging which the traditional packaging cannot achieve.  SPS400 cone reel take-up with pulling and dancing...

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SINGCHEER received the honour awarded by Jiangsu machinery industry


On the basis of awarding measures of Jiangsu machinery industry science and technology progress award, the evaluation committee of 2016 Jiangsu machinery industry science and technology progress award...

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Cost-effective solutions for automotive cable manufacturers


SINGCHEER, the leading extrusion solution supplier from China, dedicated in automotive cable industry for many years. Benefited from the fast growth of automotive industry in China during the past ...

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Packaging system-Brand and Technology From Italy


SINGCHEER acquired EFAF trademarks and proprietary technology in April 2016, and successfully produced EFAF 260 coiling and thermal shrink packaging line, which was showed in the exhibition Wire &am...

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School-Enterprise Cooperation


Recently, the Institute of Technology, Nanjing Agricultural University, deputy party secretary Zhao came to the same line singcheer (new technology machinery), the students practice, employment and ...

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Building Wire Machine -Thailand Yazaki


SINGCHEER always through the understanding of the immediate use of the operator's experience and customer needs to improve the product automation integration direction and function. This time, six v...

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Equipment Enter Turkey


After the first automotive wire line supplied for Beijing Force in 2002, we have supplied for 70% capacity for China automotive wire manufacturing. We keeps long-term and friendly cooperation with m...

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Elevator cable-High flexibility consistency


Singcheer has been inspirational to do the industry benchmark, has unique insights and rich experience on elevator cable machine, because of its special application environment, the requirements in ...

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